VP jewelery was born from a dispassionate love for craftsmanship, creativity and jewellery.

The thing that has always fascinated me and still fascinates me is being able to think, design a jewel and be able to make it with my own hands.

To think that super bright and precious object is my work.

I discovered this passion already at the time of high school, in fact I graduated and specialized in the sector of goldsmithing and precious metals, obtained at the Liceo Artistico di Porta Romana, in Florence.

In 2018 I then started building my laboratory and experimenting more and more, until I understood what my style and my art were.

My aim as an artisan is to create unique objects, in line with my style that meets essence and design, but which at the same time can be personalized.

I really like listening to your ideas, grasping the meaning you want to enclose in that same object, designing your jewel with you according to your needs.

When you buy a VP jewelery you are not buying just an object, you are buying a unique piece, made entirely by hand, with its history, its flaws and strengths, but above all you are buying a passion, mine.


- Participation in the Milan Jewelery Week 2022