Three elements that merged together gave life to my dream.

"When you buy a VP jewelery you are not buying just an item, you are buying a unique piece, made entirely by hand , with its history, its flaws and strengths, but above all you are buying a passion, mine."

My story
  • Style

    My jewels are a marriage of essence and design, with a touch of personalization.

    I prefer simple and stylized shapes, revisited in original and precious models.

    Femininity, elegance and modernity, this is what the style with which my products are made represents.

    I only use precious metals:

    925 silver and 750 gold.

    As for the stones, each one is a unique piece, if you like it, don't miss it!

  • Jewelry

    When you buy one of my jewels you have to consider that all my pieces are made entirely by hand, therefore they need about 3/4 weeks to be completed.

    All models can be customized, starting from the engraving. If you want to make changes and/or additions, write to me!

    You will find many sizes available, in case you don't find yours of the product you prefer, do not hesitate to contact me, I will make it especially for you.

  • Hand Made

    The manufacturing process of my jewels is completely handmade, each piece is made and created from new according to the customer's needs, especially for customized models.

    This means that every single model will be unique and slightly different from the other, each of you will have his own "unique piece".

    I mainly use the investment casting technique, or the construction technique therefore through welding, fretwork and modeling of wires and metal plates.