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Lettering in Love Block letters

This model represents the composition of two or more names, made in capital letters.

Structured and with defined lines, it recalls the idea of ​​a wedding ring. Letter after letter creates the image of a bond, a memory to always wear.

Fully customizable model can be made both in 750 gold and 925 silver on personalized commission, proportioning the desired writing and the size to be created.

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Size Guide


I advise against taking the measurement when it is too hot or cold, as the fingers will be more swollen or thinner than normal;

Attention , our hands are not perfectly identical, for example: a ring worn on the left ring finger may not fit on the right ring finger. This happens in most cases; As a reference model, therefore, take a ring that you wear on the same finger where you will wear the one you buy; Make sure that the ring chosen for the measurement slides quite easily along the entire length of the finger and especially near the joints (knuckle); If you have a large knuckle, measure both the base of the finger and the knuckle itself and choose a size between the two measurements; Try to take as a reference a ring that has a similar structure to the one you will buy.

Remember: models with a thin band dress loose, models with a wide band dress narrow;


Following the advice I have listed, take the ring of the right size and measure the internal diameter with a ruler, as in the image shown below. Measure the center of the circle.

Attention , do not measure the external diameter, it could distort the measurement.

Once you have measured your inner diameter length, compare it to the size chart on the next page. Example: if the diameter of your ring measures 16.5 it will correspond to the Italian size 12.

If you buy an adjustable model it is not necessary to have the precise measurement of the finger as it has the possibility of being widened or tightened independently by the customer, the measurements are S, M, L.

Size S goes from 7 to 12, size M goes from 13 to 17, size L goes from 18 to 25.

Care instructions


Your jewels are an expression of your personality, they tell your story and interact with the external environment, for this reason it is necessary to take care of them and keep them in the best possible way , especially if worn frequently.


I make jewelery in 925 silver which is subsequently silvered, this surface layer allows oxidation to be delayed and the shine to be maintained, BUT based on the ph of the skin and the use made of it, it still tends to oxidize, for this reason correct maintenance and care will be needed to preserve the beauty of your silver jewellery:

-Do not let them come into contact with detergents, soaps, perfumes, particularly aggressive creams or any product that could contain chemical and/or corrosive agents inside;

-Do not wear jewels in thermal waters;

- Avoid wearing jewels in the pool or at the sea;

- When you are not wearing your jewels, do not leave them exposed to the air, store them in their special box, it is specific to combat metal oxidation;

-If dirt gets on your jewels, wash them using only neutral soaps or specific soaps for silver. Dissolve them in warm water and gently scrub the affected area with an old toothbrush, rinse and dry with extreme care.


As far as 750 gold jewels are concerned, they are not subject to oxidation as it is an extremely precious material.

Attention to white gold, which in order to have the color with which we are used to seeing it is subjected to a rhodium bath, called rhodium plating, which tends to go away with time and wear.

For gemstone jewellery:

Always remove your jewels with precious stones before going to sleep, playing sports, household chores, etc. Avoid wearing jewels with precious stones when performing actions that could be a source of risk such as bumps, falls, sudden changes in temperature Avoid letting them come into contact with detergents, soaps, perfumes, particularly aggressive creams or any product that could contain chemical and/or corrosive agents inside;